L’Shanah Tovah, Lu. Your new year is off to a great start. As a Creative Associate, who is also part of the Business Development team, you successfully ended your first work trip. As a networking pro, you landed your company 6 meetings and 1 potential HUGE brand direct business relationship (fingers crossed). You are a fucking #bossbitch. As a networking savant, you know opportunities can come at any moment, even when you are “watching” Monday night football.

You will have 48 hours in NYC , but you will obviously still make time for your NYC girls #fuckingduh. You and your girls will head to the Ainsworth to “watch” the game. You will be seated next to a group of bros. They are all swagged out in designer suits.  Instantly, you know, these are some banking bros AKA the real life Big’s of Manhattan. You and this guy start chatting it up. He will start asking you questions about some major California restaurant chains. He’s secretly testing you. You’ll seamlessly transition into work mode and start pitching marketing ideas for the brands. He’ll listen attentively, interjecting with questions and finally make his big reveal. This guy isn’t some Goldman Sachs banker– this guy is a FUCKING BOSS. BTW, the brands he was asking you about, he owns. This guy is a MAJOR hedge fund guy. He buys out the majority stake in struggling companies, restructures them, brings them back to life and then sells them at triple the cost. After you pass his test, he’ll confide in you– detailing a recent business acquisition. He gets straight to business. He gets your email and starts scrolling through his calendar. You’ll reveal you are leaving the next day, so he works around your availability to set up a pitch meeting. Within 10 minutes, he adds you to his calendar and you are back to casual bar talk.

You’ll get home and Google this guy. Articles from Forbes, Wallstreet Journal and Business Insider will fill your screen. You didn’t realize the magnitude of his success or the nationwide impact his business tactics have on the U.S. financial market. The next day, he’ll confirm the meeting. He’ll start by noting that he only has 15 minutes but your meeting will last a full hour. After winning him over in the room, he’ll agree to give you and your colleague a shot. You have 2 weeks to pitch ideas and send them through. If you do well, you can continue the discussion, if you don’t, he’ll move on to his next big project. You will give this project everything you have. Regardless of what happens, this executive restored your faith in people.  Success doesn’t make you a dick, character does. He’s one of the most successful people you have ever met  and he never once bragged about his accomplishments. He  listened attentively and treated my colleague and I with respect. He transformed a meeting into a discussion and instantly put me at ease (I mean he still asked tough questions, but he never belittled you or undermined your answers). I will forever be grateful for that meeting, regardless of what transpires.   I’m beyond proud of you for getting yourself in the room and also beyond thankful for this person taking a leap of faith in you/company you work for. I’m so proud of how far you come and can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you Lu.

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