Hello, Lu! Yes, contrary to popular belief, you are still alive and well. Now might be a good time to address your lack of social media posts. For the first time in years, you’ve met someone incredibly special. This wonderful individual has transitioned from a friendly face to a prominent figure in your life. Now, out of respect for your relationship and their privacy, you will not disclose any revealing insights about your relationship or disclose any personal details about your partner.

Personally, I’ve always felt a strong correlation between public display and private insecurity. I think there’s a STARK difference between sharing a story and portraying a “socially acceptable” fantasy. I’ve overshared information seeking public approval. I’ve  spent countless hours agonizing over the “perfect” post. In acknowledgement of my own shortcomings as well as my  personal insecurities, I can openly  admit that my “public” life is composed of manicured moments. Moments  I’ve constructed with  filters or manipulated by omitting information. The day-to-day reality of my own life is not reflected in my “profile life.”

Secretly, I’ve always been superstitious. To be completely transparent; I’m so incredibly happy with my “unfiltered”  life that I fear sharing it. Fear might be misused. I feel a fierce need to protect it. I selfishly want to enjoy these simple but blissful private moments. For the first time, my lack of public expression is not rooted in fear but grounded in trust. A trust I’ve bestowed in a new intimate partnership. A trust I hope to maintain and expand throughout the duration of our relationship. Is my life perfect? FAR from it. But, do I feel challenged and positioned to grow in all faucets of my life (at the moment)? 100 percent. Even if my current reality curtails, crumbling before my eyes, I feel confident in my ability to pick myself back up.

So moving forward, will I air ALL my dirty laundry? No. Will I share my perspective on universal issues or feelings we all explore? 1000 percent.  Lu, I look forward to exploring a new chapter in our relationship. Until the next post, ciao!

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