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There are some things you should know. First of all, no one will ever nickname you Lu, you will try to make it a thing, but it won’t happen. Everyone will still call you by your first name- so, just go with it. Second, this may sound shocking, but you won’t be an Indy race car driver. Now might be a good time to tell you that you should bike to the nearest Goodwill, as soon as possible, to donate/dispose of your prized Indy 500 socks, immediately. While we are on the subject of clothes, we need to discuss that matching muddled lime green sweater and legging combo you’re wearing- yepp, that’s hideous. No one in their right mind would ever wear muddled lime green unless they barfed on themselves first. Feel free to toss that in the Goodwill bag along with those socks. I may sound harsh, but it’s only because you have a deep love for fashion in your 20’s and you don’t want to misrepresent.

I’m writing you a letter and will be writing you a series of letters about your life (yes, these stories are REAL, I’m sorry?) because life will be totally different than you anticipated. Also, I’m settling for a keyboard because “Back to the Future” totally lied and you won’t time travel anytime soon (Doc Brown, let’s talk later.) Side note- Hooverboards will one day be a real thing- Mashable.com told me, but, I digress.

The first thing you should know is that your 20s feels a shit ton like 18. You can legally drink, but you still feel like you need a life manual. No one is going to tell you that working at a talent agency or entertainment in general is actually exactly like “Entourage” (You’re Lloyd in this scenario, not Vincent Chase.) You will also fall in love, yes it’s a real thing. Yet, with love comes heartbreak and you will get your heart broken. However,  getting your heart broken is mandatory part of the growing pains. Don’t worry, you will move on, multiple times, with the advent of Tinder (don’t want to spoil that treat for you, so you will have to wait to find out). Of course, you will also meet guys the traditional way, drunk at a bar.

You’re going to realize that you should have just gone to school to be a Doctor. You can still work 50 hours a week and be broke as joke. You’re also going to get drinks with strangers weekly, it’s called networking. Sometimes you will meet a new best friend and sometimes you will have to sit through a grueling beer with a socially inept CE and reflect on why they got promoted before you. But, you won’t be able to make this decision until after you schedule and reschedule  your drinks 20 times before you ever meet this person face-to-face. I have a lot more to discuss but I have a boozy brunch to head to…

For any and all inquiries, please feel free to reach out to my Momager at Letters2Lu@gmail.com


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